Friday, March 18, 2011

What to slice?

What to slice tonight?
I seem to have hit a block.
I read other slices and saw clever lists,
and lovely poems,
and fun anecdotes.

What to slice tonight?
I cannot make up my mind.
I noticed things like the sunshine on the floor,
and a huge gray squirrel,
and three big black crows.

What to slice tonight?
I have to decide soon.
I thought it would come to me,
and be easier,
and it's not.


  1. LOVE this. I'm thinking everyone must hit this block at some point in the challenge. What to slice? What to slice?

    The gravity comment was funny. Hoping you are not only upright tomorrow, but off the sofa a little too.

    Hoping your health returns soon.


  2. It must be a mid-challenge slump...I was blocked last night. Your writer's block turned into something very clever, though. I related to your process of noticing the things in your world trying to find a slice tucked away, but coming up empty. (I saw a skunk today and toyed about slicing about it, but... there just wasn't that much there to write about.)

  3. But you did create a slice, of what was going on while writing a slice! The sunshine on the floor & three black crows became a part of your life in the poem. I liked it!

  4. This is how I felt today--another block, but after reading a few blogs, I think I'm ready! Hang in there. You're still healing, too.