Monday, March 28, 2011

Don't Judge Me

I've decided that maybe it's time to share a little about what I've learned about me during my first SOL Challenge. Don't judge me.

First, I'm chicken to do a lot of things alone. So I go after my friends--not approaching them as someone in need of hand-holding or in the interest of strength in numbers. Oh no...I go in as the friend excited by a new opportunity for personal or professional growth, as one who would love to encourage others to experience it too. Sorry Mr. A. and Jade.....yep, you've been a bit manipulated by my hesitation to try something that felt scary to me. But hey, we're all happy we did it, right?? And we did grow, right??

I also have learned that I do have a bit of a competitive streak. Actually, what I've learned is that I may be really, really stubborn (to those of you who know me and are laughing right now, I'm sticking out my tongue at you!). When I started the challenge, I knew I'd at least try to slice every day. What I found surprised me a bit. If you look at the comments I left for Mr. A. early on, they often include the words "beat you!" and "beat you again!" (Sorry again Mr. A., I didn't know that was in me). Of course, with the later and later posting, he is beating me almost every day...and I won't pretend that doesn't sting a little. But now my stubborn nature has grown so strong that there is no way I will not post every. single. day.  I even posted while sicker than I ever remember being and was prepared to leave my house tonight in search of wireless internet access if my husband was unable to fix ours. I will not miss a day.

I have learned that I am a comment junkie. I love comments. I covet them. Keep 'em coming.

I found that I am not too ashamed to force my children into providing me with material. When I hit that mid-month slump (don't pretend you don't know what I mean--I've read your slices), I turned to them and shared my little writing adventure. Not to be a good role model. Not to become more comfortable putting my writing out there. Nope, it was purely in hopes that they would come up with ideas to keep me going. They did not disappoint me. After all, I hold not only the power of grounding, but also the knowledge of where the cookies are hidden.

On a related note, my children are now comment junkies too--they keep track of comments on any slice than mentions them.

This challenge has made me much stronger as a writer. But on some level it may have corrupted me a little too. Don't judge me. You all had a part in it.


  1. I shared your blog with my mom tonight. Well, first I shared my blog with my mom tonight, and that led to your post about your mom reading your slices. We laughed together at some of my favorite slices you've written (I assure you, we only laughed at the parts you intended to be funny). Your words provided safe ground for us to ease into discussing my words. For that, and for so many other reasons- thank you! In the case that you need the challenge to keep going...I dare you to keep slicing (at least on Tuesdays) after the challenge is over!

  2. To be honest, I was wondering why I couldn't have interesting and funny family members to help me out. They have been a disappointing source of material. Your posts inspire me with their humor.

  3. Very amusing post. Have also just enjoyed reading several others from earlier this month. I love the way you have included your loved ones. This year I have been struggling a bit with inspiration and ideas. Perhaps I need to open my ears, eyes, and heart a bit more. Thanks for the nudge that your writing has given me. ~Theresa

  4. Seriously? You think I had a mid-month slump? Well then. Hmph.

  5. You made me laugh all the way through. You have such a distinct voice & it's funny! The way you expand the details makes it all very real (like the parts about Mr. A.) Some of those feelings hit home, truly. I love the comments too, & have checked my computer more times than ever before. Facebook has taken a distant 2nd. I plan to continue on Tuesdays & hope to see you there!

  6. Honesty is nearly always refreshing. And it this case it made for a wonderful read. And the slump is definitely real- but the drive to finish is one thing I appreciate about the SOL.