Monday, March 21, 2011


If you ever need a little love, to feel important, or that what do you really matters, I know what to do. It sounds a little extreme. First, become a first grade teacher--wait! Don't stop reading...really.

Ok, so become a first grade teacher (stay with me here). Spend over 100 days with your kids, reading and writing and exploring and doing math; some of it will be fun, and some of it will be...well, a challenge. Then get sick--don't worry, with a room full of 6 and 7 year olds coughing on you and handing you damp bits of things all day, that part won't be hard.

Stay home sick for 4 days plus the weekend. Yes, I know the sub plans are killer and the room will likely be a mite messy when you return. Do it anyway. Then come back to school on Monday morning. Stand in your doorway as the kids enter the building. Brace yourself.

They will see you from down the hall. Their eyes will light up and they'll begin to walk faster--not fast enough to get in trouble for running, but fast. As they reach the door, they'll fling themselves at you, wrap their arms around you and hold on for dear life. "You came back!" they'll exclaim, "you're here!" One after another, it happens.

If that doesn't make you feel loved or needed or that what you do is important, then you just aren't trying.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. My kids did the same thing to me after I was gone for a couple of days. Of course, now I'm sick again so maybe all of the hugs weren't the best for me. :) Just kidding, it is amazing how appreciated I felt.

  2. I love the way you moved us toward the finale, little ones looking & looking, & then spotting you. It is such a warm compliment to you. Hope you stay well, too!

  3. There is NOTHING better than first Grade and first grade kiddos! I got teary eyed reading because alas our year is quickly coming to an end...but good news! I've seen the first graders I'll be getting next fall!

  4. It is truly the best feeling. I think that primary teachers have it best. Loads of hugs, huge growth, and always feeling loved. Glad you are feeling back to normal.

  5. I love the perspective you chose! I never would've thought to tell the story of the welcoming hearts of your first graders this way. How do you come up with something so clever each day?? There is clearly good reason that those kids adore you!

  6. I actually did that, not too long ago. There were excited hugs and sweet notes awaiting me. But it's been a mere week, and OH! they're back to their usual selves. Thanks for the moment of inspiration, though... :) I look forward most to the love I get at home from the little guy.

  7. I love your post-modern method of pulling your audience into the foreshadowing of your story. We are smack in the middle of the action with you, and I fell for it: hook,line, sinker (and some tears as well!). First grade teachers have a hard job, but, like C.Rush said above, it's easy to see why they adore having you as their teacher.

    Thanks for this gift today.