Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I had something really good typed here. It was almost done. Really. I mistyped something, so I hit the delete button. Only 5 times--one for each letter I wanted to erase. Really.

And then my computer, the one I used to love and will likely love again (but not tonight) took over. Or became possessed. Really. It kept deleting. Letter by letter, word by word, line by line, I watched in horror as the whole post disappeared. The whole thing. Gone. Really.

I did not hold down the key longer than I meant to and I did not have my hand resting on the trackpad. Really. I tried using the cursor to click in what was left but it didn't work. I tried the undo button but nothing undid. In a few short seconds it was gone. Nothing could bring it back. Really.

So now I am frustrated. I do not want to try to remember what I had written and retype it. The shock of the loss of my words, carefully chosen and viciously taken away, is too raw. Really. It's too soon. And I think I need some time away from my computer to rethink our relationship. To decide if it can be saved. Really.


  1. oh, no!! your post is so very sad. really. your post made me think of my favorite scene in the movie "napoleon dynamite" --- here's the link (but the people who posted it couldn't stop laughing!). I hope it makes you feel better and helps you make friends with your computer again...


  2. Sadness prevails. That's what you get for buying a Mac. ;) If we weren't close friends, I would NOT have just said that. Promise.

  3. Ugh! I am mad for you! I hate when that happens!!! (However, the way it was written REALLY had me thinking, "Is this a great use not knowing what to write?" or "Did this REALLY happen?!?!") :) I believe you, but I love that it made me think... but I hate that it happened to you. Really.

  4. Thanks guys-it's good to get sympathy! And the youtube video did make me laugh, so thank you to boxofchocolates29!