Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reasons No and Reasons Yes

I wasn't sure what to slice tonight, but my 15 year old son just provided me with some great material. He wanted to play Xbox. My devious side just couldn't resist putting him through a little parental torture. It might be good for him and I knew it would be fun for me.

"Give me some reasons I, as a parent, should say no," I told him.
"Seriously?" he said, looking incredulous, "why would I do that?"
"Well, you'll get to give an equal number of reasons why I should say yes." I waited with a half smile and met his eyes expectantly.
"Ok," he replied as he rubbed his hands over his head. "Um..."

Here's his list of reasons I should say no:
I played yesterday and wasn't supposed to (true--and he knew enough to list that first).
It's a school night.
I put my cup and hot plate on the new table with no placemat.
I play a lot of Xbox.
I didn't stop by your school today when I got off the bus.

Here's the list for why I should say yes:
My friends are on and want me to play.
My grades are pretty good.
I'm a good kid overall (he really, really is--and he's a good sport)
On the radio there was a study that says that, I'm not kidding, video games are good for reaction times and problem solving.
No matter how much I drive you crazy, you love me?

"How about that?" he asked. "And you should know this is painful."
I grinned. "Ok, I get a kiss on the cheek and you can go."
He laughed, "I don't know--is it worth it?"
Ok, so I deserved that; he is my son after all. He ambled over, kissed my cheek and bolted for the basement.

And my slice got written!


  1. What a clever thing to do and fun for both of you!

  2. That's mean.

    I posted this comment on behalf of my son--at his request after he read my post. :)

  3. Aww...gotta love that kid, err almost-grownup. :) Tell him it's NOT mean, and that he can torture his own kids in the same way when he's a dad.

  4. What a great way to involve your son! I wonder what I would get out of my 22 year old - who is also a good "kid" but can be a challenging housemate at times!

  5. Ruth,
    This is a great exercise in showing not telling who your son/character is. It shows insight, caring, integrity, youth as well as the friendship you have between you. I am particularly fond of his line, "and you should know this is painful." It says to me that he knew exactly why you had asked him to make the lists. It shows he understands you. What a smart kid!
    Keep up the great writing,