Saturday, March 26, 2011

Falling Again and Again

"When am I going to get a slice?"
Husband just walked into the room where I sit on the sofa (see the picture on the left!), just opening my computer to write my slice for today. He's only passing through with an armload of laundry, but he's right. He deserves a slice.

There are so many wonderful, amazing things I could say about Husband. After all, I fell for him once years ago and have been falling over and over ever since. There are a lot of reasons why, but here are the ones that come to mind tonight:

He does laundry...a lot of laundry.
He parks outside year round so I can park in the garage and never have to scrape my windows.
He doesn't care that I wear flannel pajamas with crazy patterns to bed all winter long.
When someone gives him dark chocolate, he gives it to me.
His eyes are the color of cinnamon.
He giggles and chuckles and laughs till he can't catch his breath when he sees or hears or reads something funny--it makes me laugh too.
He holds my hand in the car.
After I started blogging, he got me a Macbook Air for my birthday/anniversary present (yes, I'm using it now and it's almost as awesome as he is).
He's smart...really, really, really smart.
When he hugs me, it's always the most comfortable I've ever been.
He teaches our kids to have fun and to do things like plan trips so you see stuff like the world's largest catsup bottle and what day new comics come out (Wednesdays).
He reads my posts and tells me he likes them.
He is the most handsome man I know.
He stopped by my school on Valentines' Day and, in front of my first graders, asked me to be his Valentine...they told me to say yes. I did.

How could I not fall for him again and again and again?


  1. sweet. You have to know that I was chuckling a bit as I read this. You forgot to mention that he gives you "alone" time to read/relax in the evenings, so that he and I can play video games. :) What's not to love?!

  2. Does he have a brother? :)

    Sounds like a wonderful husband and so glad that you cherish him!!!

    I loved the line about being comfortable when he hugs you!

  3. Glad he finally made the blog. :)

    It's fun to get to know you through your slices.