Monday, March 14, 2011

Slicing Sick

Short slice tonight:

My husband has been sick for 3 or 4 days. Stay in bed for real sick. High fever sick. Coughing and aching and chills sick.
Our youngest was sent home from school with a fever this afternoon. Our oldest came home and went to bed with a fever.
That left our middle and me. She had a swim meet. I should have known something was wrong when I was so cold in a pool area where everyone else was sweating.
By the time we got home, I too had fallen among the pathetic, miserable sick at my house. It's some sort of horrid plague. 
Our middle is avoiding us all.

Stay away. Wash your hands after reading this.


  1. Get well, I know what it's like when everyone in the house is sick, it's no fun. I am washing my hands. Go to bed, drink plenty of fluids.

  2. It's odd how it hits you like that- so suddenly you don't even realize your chills are due to an illness. I feel your pain, and I love the way you speak as if we are sitting across a table. Feel better soon!

  3. Going to wash my hands & eyes right now!! I hope everyone in your house gets well quickly! But I must say, this shows real dedication to post a Slice of Life in the midst of the plague! ;)

  4. My daughter's house has been filled with plague too. I wash the phone after I talk to her each time and think whether I feel OK. Drink lots of tea with honey and lemon!

  5. So strange...when I saw you, my dear friend, at the meeting after school, something told me to sit elsewhere. Whew. I'll still be washing my hands after reading your sickly, fever-ridden slice. Rest! Oh, and did you call your eye doctor yet? :)