Wednesday, March 9, 2011

They Are Here Somewhere

They are all here somewhere;
I can see the evidence.
Backpacks--one in the basket, two beside it.
Coats are on hooks and shoes are scattered about the entryway.

The kitchen says that someone has been here;
counters with tell-tale crumbs.
Chairs not quite pushed back under the table.
Dishes that started the journey to the dishwasher and didn't quite make it.

In the family room, there are books;
a few lying face-down, open.
A blanket sliding from the couch to the floor.
TV remotes stuck in the crevice created by someone sitting in the recliner.

The bathroom mirror is steamy;
damp towels on the floor.
The drawer where the comb resides is ajar.
Toothpaste tube with cap mostly on lies next to wet toothbrushes.

Yes, they are here somewhere;
or were recently.
But now the house is growing quieter.
I find myself wandering aimlessly, wondering how they got by me.


  1. Loved this too...reminds me of when my kids where home. Fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your details create such a specific image. I feel like I'm wandering through your home with you trying to find everyone. Great post!


  3. Oh Ruth. How did you know that my house looked like that? LOL. I love how you create visualization within a poem. Your ending is superb. :)MaryHelen

  4. Your words touched me, making me sad for days gone by. They made such a picture in my mind!

  5. Signs of a family. It is interesting what you notice when "they're" not around. I lived by myself once--didn't like it. Nothing changed. This slice made me think of coming home with no animals--idea.

  6. Nice. And once you realized they were actually ALL gone, you brewed up some Starbucks and relaxed with the computer in your lap to write this piece...right? :) I hope so! You deserve a break.