Friday, March 4, 2011

I crochet. I blog.

I crochet. Not really. But I do. My grandmother taught me when I was very young, and I remember sitting on her lap, watching her do it. Then I'd slip to the floor and face her to watch more. Grandma was right handed, and I am left handed. I watched her carefully and then copied her, just doing what she was doing, but in mirror image.

I only remember a couple of stitches, and I only make things that are squares or rectangles. And small. And only use one color so I don't have to switch to new colors. I am particularly fond of making scarves because they fit all my criteria and because I get cold easily and can make scarves that match my clothes and my moods.

Blogging is sort of like that for me. My friend taught me, and I watched her closely, mirroring her moves. I slipped over to my own blog and copied her process in my own space. She is experienced and comfortable with this genre, and I am slow coming to it.

I only know how to do simple things, like add a picture. And link to a friend's blog. And write the things that are important to me so I don't have to worry about pleasing others. I am particularly fond of writing short pieces on random things that catch my attention. I blog because it is short and simple and that fits my favorite criteria for writing and because I can write things that match my style and fit my moods.


  1. I am charmed by your run-on sentences. The one about why you make scarves made me chuckle, and the one about Ruth (not the other Ruth, but Ruth ...right?) reminded me that she has led all of us into this writing community. I am so glad she convinced you to join us this year. Your slices are some of my favorites to read.

  2. And your blogs are a delight to read! I'm finding it a challenge to even write short snippets!

  3. You show that you know yourself, your likes & those things not so compatible. It was a nice, relaxing piece to read.

  4. Love this. It's so you. I like the analogy of growing in your blogging. And yes, we get to write for our pleasure. :)MaryHelen