Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Same Girl, So Changed.

Last night, my husband and I watched as our daughter was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. A friend, there for his son, was sitting in front of us. As our daughter's name was called and she walked across the stage, he turned, his eyes wide with disbelief.
"Boy, she's really grown up. A lot!"

I looked back to the stage and was struck again by what I've noticed from a distance several times over the past couple of months. She has grown up. A lot.

Her eyes are not so far from being able to look straight into mine.
Her legs, once so short and pudgy, are long, lean, and well-muscled.
Her body is softly curved and her shape is no longer that of a little girl.
Her interests lean more toward friends and causes and not so much dolls and toys.

But her eyes are still warm brown and full of life.
Her legs still carry her up on her toes, her walk full of bounce.
Her body still stretches slowly in the morning and leans into me for hugs in the evening.
Her interests still lie with things that bring joy and laughter, and her heart still feels for others.

The same girl, so changed, and yet the same.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to a special daughter. You must be so proud!

  2. A nice lead in to the wonderful words about your daughter. And wasn't it great to hear a compliment from someone else too. Your words are precious in their intent - so special for your daughter.

  3. I love the complimentary lists of differences and similarities. This is a special post...one I hope your daughter is able to savor years from now.

  4. What a lovely slice. I feel the awe you have for the changes you notice about your daughter in your third paragraph and your tenderness in the fourth. I love how these paragraphs are parallel in structure, showing that while she's changing, she's still the same girl...YOUR girl.