Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We're not done yet

On Valentines' Day, if I'm lucky, Husband gets me the good chocolates from the shop in town. He did, and I had chocolate and coffee for breakfast. I plan to eat more before bed; it sort of bookends the day. Of course, as I enjoy that last bit before going to sleep, I'll also be looking forward to tomorrow.

You see, Valentines' Day has been a sort of two-day affair for us for the last 20 years. We got married the day after Valentine's Day--a Saturday that year--and so, for the past 20 years, we have had a back-to-back, two-day holiday of sorts.

I like it, and so does he. We like that while everyone else winds down from the high of Valentines' Day and celebrating love with someone, we just keep celebrating. Tonight, I'll go to sleep knowing that in the morning, I'll get another dose of waking up on a special day, and that my morning routine will take longer because of extra kisses and a hug each time we pass each other while getting ready. I know that during the day I'll get another round of sweet text messages--and that I'll be sending some as well. There may even be presents.

And there will for sure be another whole day of making sure we let each other know how 20 years ago, we created something even more special than a two-day holiday.