Sunday, March 20, 2011


I love popcorn. A lot. I love buttery, salty popcorn and caramel corn. I love cheese popcorn and am also fond of kettle corn. My current favorite is a white cheddar popcorn that my husband once special ordered when the store was out. Most any kind of popcorn will do, though I prefer kinds that come by their color and flavor naturally.

Once in a while, I'll come across an unexpected flavor that I find appealing--like the marshmallow kind my grocery used to carry. It was hot and buttery and sweet and slightly sticky and surprisingly delicious. They quit carrying it soon after I was hooked.

I could eat popcorn almost every day--and I often come close to that, especially in the winter. It's difficult for me to watch a sports event or movie without eating it. When I read, I often have my blue popcorn bowl nestled against me and I eat piece after piece while turning page after page. I just finished eating a giant bowl of popcorn--I needed inspiration for writing, and my go-to snack didn't disappoint.


  1. I am a popcorn addict too! I can't ever go the movies without popcorn even if we've just gone to dinner!

  2. Since we like popcorn too at our house, we have lots of Boy Scout popcorn, from buying it from the grandson. Is there a special brand you like? Do you pop it in the microwave, or pop on the stove top? Of course the flavored must have come from the store, but... Sorry to be so curious, but just thought it was such a fun, dedicated endorsement that I wanted to know more. If I hadn't just had dinner, I'd be running for the kitchen!

  3. The repetition of the word popcorn almost gave that "popping" effect to your slice! I love the part about your husband special ordering popcorn when the store was out. I find more and more that my favorite items are hard to find! Now I have a taste for popcorn...

  4. Love the picture. My mouth is watering with the your delicious descriptions. Your flow from describing kinds (mouth is watering) to how it impacts your, inspires you, is a neat connection. Love it. MHG