Friday, March 11, 2011

The Sounds of Tournament Time

They are calling me--the sounds of tournament time;
fist-pumping chants,
the thud of pebbled leather hitting hardwood,
sharp whistles halting play,
the squeak of rubber-soled shoes,
the swish of the net as a ball drops dead-center,
bands blaring fight songs,
the metallic twang of the ball bouncing off the rim,
grunts as bodies collide in the paint,
the backdrop of on-screen commentary,
roars from crowds in the stands echoing against shouts from the couch;
music to my Indiana ears.


  1. This could have been so ordinary, but it's not. Somehow it seems deeper than I expected a basketball list poem to be. I think it is in your details. "The metallic twang of the ball bouncing off the rim" is such powerful imagery. Did you use a model poem?

  2. I love the sounds in your poem: "thud of pebbled leather," "sharp whistles," "squeak of rubber-soled shoes," "roars from the crowd."

    What's hilarious is I'm watching the Duke game while I'm reading your post!!

  3. We're so excited too-more tv in a month than we ever do. But our team isn't doing well, so I don't know if they'll make it in. Guess we'll find out this weekend. It's a great poem, captures those wonderful moments about basketball that are so much mostly sounds!

  4. Basketball will soon be over for another year, but when I read your poem it takes me back to the gym. I can hear it and see it. That's good writing!

  5. I haven't watched a game in years but your poem took me back - you really captured the sounds and sights.

  6. You've made me yearn to fill out brackets! :) And to get ready to yell at the tv screen.

    I love the way you modeled "showing not telling" today. It's a great example of using action to put your reader directly into the story/poem.

  7. Wow. You caught all the sights and sounds of basketball.. Beautiful job. 'Tis the season...