Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Pressure Is Just Too Much

Last night:
"You know, I've sliced about your brother--twice. And now your what've you got for me? I gotta have something every day and you're up. It's your turn to provide some inspiration." I looked across the room at my youngest.
He looked up from his book. "Do I have to have something now? It's almost bedtime."
"No," I replied, "but you better start thinking. This challenge doesn't end til the end of March."

Talk about pressure! My youngest is the type of kid that will take this sort of thing seriously, and he hasn't disappointed me yet. Right now (yep, this very minute) he's eating a snack and thinking. From time to time he calls out from the kitchen.

"What have I accomplished?" (thoughtful silence) "Well, I won 87 consecutive basketball games on Wii but then I lost."

"You could write that I really like these--these are really good (the new Cinnamon Burst Cheerios--they really are delicious)"

"Just don't worry...I'll come up with something before bed."

"I didn't really do anything out of the ordinary today."

Now he's sitting beside me:
"Mom--you really just typed all that?"

"Really? This is what you've come up with?"

And it is...this is all we've got tonight. I guess the pressure was just too much this time.


  1. I like it! A very authentic slice.

  2. A lovely slice, & he sounds very good on the Wii. What more could you ask for?

  3. I love it. Ordinary moments are priceless...everyday life.

  4. Nice slice, Sam! :) He's full of insight, but NOT when it has a due date attached to it. Believe me, I know...

  5. Hey, no fair! You're getting help on these things?? :) Poor kid. I know the pressure to come up with a topic daily is heavy! Your slice, as always, made me smile.

  6. Very enjoyable, especially "this is what you've come up with?"

  7. Fun. I love the realistic conversation. I'm sure you'll be writing something else soon. My oldest will come in and say, "Hey guess what happened today?" and then add, "Don't blog about this." I tuck it away in my thoughts. Glad you are feeling better. I can tell by your thoughts and comments. MHG

  8. Fun post. I also love your blog title and sofa picture to go with it. I loved how through this dialogue we were able to see glimpses of your kids' personalities.

  9. Yeah, it's getting late here, too. This post is for tomorrow, but I don't sleep well unless I have a start! No start at 11:15 p.m. I wish I had a kid here right now. I guess this is what you call battle fatigue!