Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As requested--the answers

Last night, I sliced about some good ideas gone bad, with some help from Oldest, Middle, and Youngest. Several commenters got into the spirit, trying to guess which ideas (spectacular in concept; perhaps lacking in execution) were mine, and which belonged to the kids.

Well, here are the requested answers. Below are the ideas from yesterday's slice, followed by the genius who must take credit for each.

Throwing sister's favorite doll out the upstairs bedroom window...mostly because sister really, really thought the doll was alive. Well, until it got thrown out the window.
Um, yeah...that was me.

Riding a tricycle down a very tall, very steep hill. Actually, that part turned out ok. It's the part at the bottom that gets a little rough.
This would be Youngest (don't worry, he's fine).

Playing bongos with a group of friends on the steps of the Staten Island Museum (apparently security guards do not approve).
Oldest sheepishly owned up...this happened on a school trip just last week. 

Helping mom by giving your sister a haircut. A few days before she was going to be in a wedding.
Believe it or not, me again.

Rallying the team by leading a cheer on the bus...("Give me a __")...and then realizing that you have misspelled the name of your school.
Surprising entry from Middle. How embarrassing.

Teaching chickens to fly (they can't--at least not further than you can throw them). again. But you have to know that they really looked like they wanted to try.

Allowing your brother and his friend to talk you into anything requiring a ladder, a zip line, and tree across the yard with a mat strapped to it.
And Youngest. Again. He wishes he could say that this is the only thing he's been talked into by Oldest.

And there you have it. Good ideas...that just didn't work out.


  1. I just knew the chicken idea was yours! (you are funny) Some of the others were a surprise to me.

  2. Oh youngest, I am chuckling. I have learned that our oldest has talked the youngest into more often than I've known. Somehow the stories come out way later when laughter comes out instead of a grounding.

  3. This is such an amusing slice! Thinking back, reminiscing on hilarious life events such as these are priceless.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mandy @ The Chockboard

  4. I was sure you were a drum circle, bongo playing kind of girl. Glad to hear it at least runs in the family :)

    I cut my babysitter's hair. Does that count as an entry? Oh, wait, this isn't a contest.

    Your slice has me chuckling like usual, Ruth!

  5. LOL! (That was me reading your follow up slice tonight!)

  6. It's all in the family. Reality series coming?

  7. Love it! I bet you never run out of great stories to share.

  8. Aha! You really wanted to give the chickens a chance. Fun, fun to tell, I imagine, & certainly funny to read!

  9. Hey, just stopping by to say thanks so much for all of your kind comments this month on my blog. It was your blog that actually got me interested in this challenge. I'm an occasional reader of Two Writing Teachers, and never really got what the SOLC posts were about each week, so I just skipped 'em. Then one day, I clicked through and ended up on your slice. I thought, "Hey! This is really good! I wanna do that!" This has been an amazing experience... So, thanks.

  10. Babydoll killer. I would have believed any of the other three as instigator, but you....not you. BABYDOLL KILLER