Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Different Kind of Snag

Last year was the first time I participated in the SOLSC; in fact, I'd only sliced a few times before taking it on with the encouragement of  after being somewhat bullied by a good friend who shall remain anonymous but may or may not have the same first name as I do. Mid month, I hit a snag. Or maybe a lull. It was just a stretch when it seemed hard to open up the computer and post something--anything.

Well, this year the snag has been different.

Between full days of conference sessions and evenings with the group from our school district and the fact that I was 3 time zones away in a hotel where connecting to wi fi was tricky...well, it was a snag. My posts the last few days have been short and almost frantically picked out on my phone while my eyes struggled to read the stuff I was typing. My iPhone also thinks it's a better speller than I am (and that may be true), so I also probably need to apologize for some iffy spelling. I couldn't even add the slice button to my posts.

But all that didn't bother me too much. What really got to me was that it was pretty impossible for me to comment much at all. I hated that. I felt guilty. And besides, I missed everyone.

So I am reminding myself that in the days leading up to this trip I did try to comment on several slices a day, and over the next few days, I hope to be back to commenting on lots of your slices daily. I'm not going to worry over this snag, and am going to feel good about still managing a slice a day, even if it's not exactly how I wanted to do it. Sometimes committing to writing (or anything else) means that you do what you can during times you can't do it all, and that you keep going even when you hit a snag.


  1. The last line says it all! I, too, have been juggling a lot and missed 3 days :(.

  2. Just for the record: I don't somewhat bully people. (And I'm not feeling guilty.)LOL

    Glad you're home safely. I'm having trouble with my internet & having a tough time commenting too. Ugh.I needed your reminder too.


  3. I started this SOL project with the idea that I would TRY to write every day...that is indeed a lofty and not always attainable goal...I celebrate the fact that you have written and thought deeply about the slices of your life...while juggling a LOT of you already noted...we can only do what we can do...and we cannot do it all! The GREAT part is that you, like so many others, have kept going, when they have met a snag....I will keep this in surely...most of us will meet snags!

  4. I am soooo glad that not-the-other Ruth "bullied" you into slicing! Yours are some of my favorites. I still remember some of last about cookies stands out for some reason :) I also remember your slice of confessions.

    I am impressed that even given the circumstances, you didn't let those snags stop you from participating!

  5. Great ending! And, you made it through the snag! :) I cannot even imagine how you managed to post even small slices from your phone. That's dedication!

  6. I still loved your slices, Ruth & understand that snags happen (substitute any other word you wish there). I had a lovely snag-my son, daughter-in-law & grandson are here, so I've been staying up late trying to do a little. We all live other lives, too, although this slicing life in March is quite fun. Thanks Ruth for a fun explanation!