Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good ideas gone bad

Ever have an idea that seemed inspired? One that you just couldn't wait to try?
Me too. So have Oldest, Middle, and Youngest.
And sometimes--maybe more often than we'd like to admit--those ideas go bad.
Here are just a few of ours. Think you know whose is whose? Maybe for some, but I bet you'd be surprised by at least a few!

Throwing sister's favorite doll out the upstairs bedroom window...mostly because sister really, really thought the doll was alive. Well, until it got thrown out the window.

Riding a tricycle down a very tall, very steep hill. Actually, that part turned out ok. It's the part at the bottom that gets a little rough.

Playing bongos with a group of friends on the steps of the Staten Island Museum (apparently security guards do not approve).

Helping mom by giving your sister a haircut. A few days before she was going to be in a wedding.

Rallying the team by leading a cheer on the bus...("Give me a __")...and then realizing that you have misspelled the name of your school.

Teaching chickens to fly (they can't--at least not further than you can throw them).

Allowing your brother and his friend to talk you into anything requiring a ladder, a zip line, and tree across the yard with a mat strapped to it.


  1. Is it OK to laugh??? This post cracks me up. I love how you dealt with these crazy things with such grace and humor. Oldest, Middle, and Youngest must be a wealth of fun for you (on most days!). :)

  2. Tim says the haircut one is a practical joke gone bad. I started laughing so he had to know. Love this post!

  3. There's never a dull day at your house! This makes me think of all the 'good' ideas I have that gone bad. Yikes. The list would be a long one! Great slice!

  4. I really want to know about the cheer on the bus... will you reveal who this one was about?

  5. These are so much fun. Especially since it's all said and done. They were probably GREAT ideas af first:)

  6. This what had me laughing out load "Rallying the team by leading a cheer on the bus...("Give me a __")...and then realizing that you have misspelled the name of your school."

  7. Well, your next slice is already written--just post this one, with the answers! You made it sound like your own bad ideas were mixed in amongst the others. Bongos maybe? I am laughing and oddly curious at the same time!

  8. Great slice! You have me wondering and guessing as well!

  9. I love the presentation and didn't know you played the bongos! Really, there are so many funny stories here; you had me going with the imagination for sure. Are you going to let us know the answers? I enjoyed guessing, but mostly I tried to see what you did! I had a friend once who talked her brother into jumping off the roof of the garage by telling him he could fly. Broke his leg. Her mom was not very happy, & that's when she learned she like her little brother after all.