Sunday, March 4, 2012

surreal brain exercise?

Tonight while settled on the sofa working, I decided to open up Pandora so I could at least listen to something classical while I worked. That's when the surreal experience started.

As my fingers tapped keys, the sound of classical piano emerged from my computer, as if the words I was typing were being converted into the music of masters. Fingers composing words, and comes out. I could almost feel my brain churning through this mismatch of sensory experience--fingers on keys, the touch not quite matching up with the auditory input looking for somewhere to land inside my head.

By now, the language center in my brain started a bizarre tailspin. I continued typing sentences, but my thoughts were pulled toward the sensory circus going on in another part of my head, creating a sort of schizophrenic sense of talking simultaneously in two voices. But not out loud--nope, I was definitely not talking to myself!

Weird, I know. But kind of fun, right? So now I'm slicing and have switched Pandora over to something else for the fun of it. Yep, this post was composed to the tap of fingers on the keyboard and the sounds of Sweet Home Alabama.


  1. As a musician, I love the image of keys tapping and music coming out! Gives me a good idea for a writing metaphor. Loved "the sensory circus"... This slice inspired me. Thanks!

  2. This was full of fun images--I could see the words and the music just dancing and flowing around you. Thanks for sharing it--I'll now probably go to bed hearing Sweet Home Alabama in my head!

  3. I am always blown away by your writing. This slice especially. This is a (musical) masterpiece.

  4. This was an entertaining combination of words, images and music. The last two composed based on your words.

  5. I like the music coming out as you type. I've had a similar experience when I am listening to music and writing with keyboard. I thought mine was because in college I worked a summer as a transcriber of some interviews with loggers in Maine. So I spent much time with headsets on just typing what I was listening to. And extension or complication of this for some years was that I mentally typed what people were saying to me in real life. I much prefer the musical typing! Great post!

  6. What a metaphor. I love the idea of typing and music being created. I can hear the sweetness coming through.

  7. Haha! Interesting! Music has a diverse effect upon our brains. Listening to music can trigger certain memories. In fact, Alzheimer’s patients benefit from it. It also enhances one’s creativity. It has a positive impact on the right side of the brain. Music is then responsible for the spatial and abstract reasoning skills of a human mind.

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