Friday, March 2, 2012


The wind
           is gusting and blowing
with more               and more power, and
        I can hear the rocking chairs where
 I sit              to slice            in the summer and where I like
to     sip coffee and read     getting knocked over and         I think
                  I saw the porch light
     reflect off a tumbling                      trash can and am wondering if
it is ours         and where it will be
                                                   by morning and what is that crashing against
the porch railing and           I bet it's the neighbor's trash can       but which one
              will be almost
impossible to tell                  because things are blowing and tossing and banging
                  like a toddler in full on tantrum mode            and it just
won't stop.


  1. You must be in the midst of those terrible storms! At least that is exactly what I picture in my mind. Your stream-of-consciousness really pounds like a storm, like that toddler you end with. Love this slice!

  2. It is awfully nasty out there! The wind is roaring outside my window. I love your phrase "blowing and tossing and banging" and your comparison to a toddler's tantrum. You've captured the mood of this wind!

  3. I'm reading this while I listen to the wind howling outside...and remembering the tantrum that MY littly guy threw this evening before dinner. You must have been "channeling" Eli's mood when you wrote this. :)

  4. love the layout & also like the jerky way your poem reads, just like things being blown around! Terrific. Hope only the cans were taken!

  5. Ooo! Love the format and the never ending windiness of the words as they bang around on the page!

  6. You work words in remarkable ways. I'm so glad you're writing.

  7. Love your poem. I walked outside last night to fill the woodstove and when I looked up the trees were whipping back and forth. I thought, I hope one of these is not on my house in the morning. Thankfully just branches here on the ground. You captured the moment.

  8. So creative! Your structure captured the mood. I like the comparison to a toddler.
    Mary Helen