Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Writing Group Part 1: The BONS are coming!

I'm part of a writing group started by Ruth Ayres.
There are 5 us; we call ourselves the BONS.

We met and bonded and continue to meet and bond and write.
BONS stands for what we write; Bits Of Nothing or Something.

Today after school I checked the clock every 3 minutes during a meeting.
Writing group is tonight; he BONS are coming to my house!

I hurried through errands and rushed home to start cooking.
I hope I have everything I need; the BONS like to eat!

Windows open, door too--quick sweep to hide the dust bunnies.
I know I don't have to; the BONS always promise to not to look.

The colorful plates and bowls come out; stacked and ready for dinner and dessert.
The BONS love to pick their favorite color; or argue over who got there first.

Dinner is ready, and I settle into the rocking chair by the window to watch.
I'm ready; how much longer until the BONS get here?

To see part 2, look below to read Tammy's slice; she'll tell you how to find part 3.
The BONS think they are really clever; what do you think?

Writing Group Part 2: Please Bring the Pie!
(a secret slice from a non-public blog)
The night before I read the message. Bring what you want; we will eat whatever you bring. Taco Salad is the main dish.
Well, I knew already I was going to take the girls pie. Later in the morning I checked my phone. Message...from Mary Helen.
Maybe you would stop and pick me up a pie.
Well, that was like we had ESP. For sure I was going to get pie no matter what. 
One my way to our meeting place in Goshen, I stopped by the Essenhaus in Middlebury and went up to the counter and ordered 5 red raspberry cream pie. The lady said, "5?"
I said, "yes. I'm meeting my friends and we will eat one and I wil give them one to take home to share with their families."
"How nice," she said.
After our delicious supper and laughs about Ruth's son and tears following Mary Helen's story, we had our pie. Tam and I were making mmmm--mmmm sounds as we were eating each bite. The moaning continued until each slice was devoured. We then went into the sitting room to write. If you have read Ruth's blog slices from the sofa, then you know where we sat.
My hope is that these friends, who actually think I'm funny (that's why I buy them treats...unlike my daughters!) will think of the fun we had at our BONS meeting tomorrow as they are eating a slice of that pie. 

Now...on to the living room and the giggles to continue...go to Tam's slice at  to continue.


  1. How fun! I can't wait to follow the links and join you all for an evening of pie and writing.

  2. What a fun way to slice! I'm off to read part three.

  3. I read them all and am now coming back to comment. The BONS are a fantastic group. Friends and writers, writers and friends. And you eat! This has to be the highlight of your month!

  4. This is too fun! You clever girls know how to spark up a night. Raspberry cream pie? Mmmmmm, I want some too. (did that sound like I am whining, because I am.)

  5. @Ruth...The sofa is high pressure...I kept waiting for a poem to come out, but it didn't.

    @Tammy...Thanks for the pie! YUM!

  6. Fantastic! I always love hearing about your "BONS" experiences. (I have to admit that I have always wondered what that stood for... thanks for filling me in). That pie does sound yummy!

  7. The best is the anticipation of getting together, a true highlight. It also means I have to have some type of writing to share.

  8. This is fabulous! You've ended my day so well!

  9. Oh, I started reading from a middle part of the BONS writing group slices, but I guess it doesn't really matter. It sounds fabulous from every perspective.

  10. This is such a fun concept. I am looking forward to reading about the special night through the eyes of each person in your group.