Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Own Brand of Bracketology

For the first time in years, I filled out a bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament. I stayed up last night, picking teams carefully, but without help. Youngest is our sports fan and is full of advice, but he was in bed. Husband was busy. Middle has no idea when it comes to basketball, and Oldest doesn't really follow it.

I'm just stubborn enough that I didn't want to ask them...and besides, I have a mildly competitive streak (stop laughing!) that makes me want to be able to wave my bracket in front of those who think they can pick better than I. Not in an "in your face!" way--more a "told you I could do it" way. Or maybe a self-satisfied smirk. I haven't decided for sure yet.

I do watch a lot of college basketball--mostly Big Ten (Boiler Up!). Unfortunately, the last time I filled out a bracket or followed basketball season close enough from beginning to end to really know what I was doing when picking teams was before Oldest was born. He's 16.  Still, I stand by my picks. I'd tell you my strategy for picking, but if it turns out that I'm on to something with it, then you'd know.  So I'm not telling, just in case.

I also can't tell you who I picked. I'm not stupid. You don't jinx yourself by doing dumb stuff like that. Of course, I know I have made some mistakes. First, I filled out the bracket in pencil (I know--sure sign of insecurity). Even worse, I forgot the bracket at home today, so I missed out on getting to compare my luck  skill calling the wins against those of my colleagues.

It's been so long since I've done this that no one would believe I wasn't sitting here, glued to the tv, the March Madness app open on my phone, filling in the bracket as final scores pop up.  But I didn't. And you know what? So far, I'm doing...wait (whew! Almost blew it again--I really am out of practice!)...I can't tell you how well I'm doing, and I can't tell you who I have picked in the rest of the night's games.

But I am smiling, and will admit to laughing a bit at Youngest (not real proud of that, but he started it).


  1. This is so funny. I know what you're saying. It's your own little project. You may have started something in your family. Good luck, Ruth.

  2. There is this specific brand of humor in your slices (like you can't tell us your strategy for picking because if you are on to something, we can't be let in on it) that makes me wish I'd always known you, but also makes me especially glad I know you through your blog-words. I have a good feeling about your brackets, but not the kind of good feeling that jinxes things.

  3. lol. This made me laugh. The first and only time I've ever done a bracket was last year, and I for sure realized after Day 1 that I needed to carry it with me at ALL times. :) (Wait, I did pick Villanova, didn't I...?) I didn't know the rule about not saying my picks out loud, though! Maybe that's why I didn't win...

  4. Oh, March Madness. I came home today to find my husband glued to the television. Some years I fill out a bracket, not because I follow basketball but, because I like to think that random luck can work as well as knowledge in these matters. Good luck to you in this bracket challenge.


  5. Ha! I can relate! But unfortunately, I was ousted waaaaay to early this year. Big booooooo to UConn for losing to Iowa State. Good luck, Ruth!!!

  6. This is hilarious to read & I do understand because of all the testosterone laden brackets at school, & in the first day, most of the brackets were already blown. I love quite a lot of this, but that final line made me laugh even harder. (not real proud of it, but he started it) HA. Do I blow your luck is I send best wishes?