Monday, March 26, 2012

I am from books

I am from stories read from books and
told around big tables
filled with too many arms and legs and not enough chairs,
but plenty of laps.
I am from books stacked on bricks and boards
behind the chair by the fireplace and stashed
in a small green suitcase.
I am from books carried on trips,
and into trees,
making anywhere I went seem like home and home
feel like a place far, far away.
I am from book lovers
who bought, borrowed, and shared favorites,
never thinking that a story was beyond
the reach of my eager eyes.
I am from fingers running gently and reverently
over new covers,
of inhaling the scent of pages opened for the first time
or the 2nd, the 10th, the 100th time.
I am from poems of childhood remembered
and wonders found in the pages
of yellow-bordered magazines
on the table by grandpa's chair.
I am from books and stories and magazines and newspapers,
surrounded by words and worlds,
filling me up
but never so full
that there wasn't room for more.


  1. You are a reader! I see stacks of books all around you. A huge smile on your face. Thanks for sharing your I am... slice. :)

  2. Ruth, your poem fills me up too, so many parts to it that are mine. You really touched me with those "yellow-bordered magazines on the table by Grandpa's chair." I remember so many quiet evenings sitting with my grandparents, each of us reading. Your poem is wonderfully filled with details, all different perspectives at who you are from a reading point of view. Just wonderful!

  3. But never so full there wasn't room for more.

    I am capturing that line and tucking it in my pocket tonight. I love the way you chose a single aspect of you-ness to focus on in your "I am from" poem. It is very effective.

  4. The "I am from" poem format is timeless. I enjoyed that you had one strong focus for the entire piece. I tried to pick a favorite line, but I couldn't because I enjoyed reading and rereading every single one of them.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mandy @ The Chockboard

  5. This is a great format for teachers AND for kids...but your writing is magical. I can see the hosue now...overflowing with books and with love.

  6. This post was worth the wait... your words are always so well crafted and magical. Thanks for sharing who you are with us.

  7. 'I am from words and worlds' is my favorite. You go places when reading. Love this glimpse into your past.

  8. Ruth,

    I like the way you focused on one very significant part of you in this poem. So many effective lines, but I am especially fond of the words and worlds that fill you up...there's always room for more. ~Theresa