Tuesday, August 21, 2012



You may have noticed that I haven't sliced for a while.

I could tell you that my ongoing spy fantasy has become a reality and I've been off saving the world from evil-genius types lurking in far-flung corners of the world. Actually, that's sort of true--maybe (there were a lot of spy stories on my summer book stack).

I could tell you that I've become addicted to Words with Friends and cannot tear myself away from my phone in case someone plays and it's my turn and I don't know it. Actually, that one's not quite accurate. I do find myself constantly checking to see if it's my turn when I play...but I only play occasionally.

I could tell you that I fell into the big chest freezer in the basement while bending over the edge as far as I could to see if we were really and truly out of ice cream again. Actually, this one could really happen, so I better not kid around. And maybe I'd better find a basement-ice-cream-check buddy just in case.

I could tell you that Husband, Oldest, Middle, Youngest and I have been on a fabulous family vacation to an exotic location. Actually, this is one I'd love to come true, but since it would require us to do things like get up off the sofa, I just don't see it happening.

I could tell you I've been busy doing things like reorganizing every cupboard and closet in the house or landscaping the yard or remodeling the kitchen. Actually, those are things I wish I'd do. But somehow, none of that happened....sort of like me keeping up with slicing....


  1. Hooray! You are back! You always make me chuckle. I am a big Ruth fan--and I am a fan of you too ;)

  2. Welcome back! Never, ever, joke about no ice cream! And especially getting stuck in a freezer without any ice cream in it! How would you spend the time before someone found you, if there were no ice cream in it? Dreadfully scary!

  3. Welcome back -sounds like you have been doing some great idea making on that sofa!