Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I don't stand a chance

I'm so weak.
It's sitting there
on the ottoman I love, tempting me;
smooth, cool touch against my bare foot.

I can't.
It called me
from the shelf I passed, stopping me;
scent of ink and paper reaching my nose.

I mustn't.
It landed squarely
in the cart I pushed, knowing me;
promise of new words whispering in my ear.

I lean in.
It's mocking me
in my line of sight; knowing me;
colorful spine out, drawing my eye.

I wait.
It waits too
for the goal I set,  inviting me;
intentions slipping from my mind.

I don't stand a chance.


  1. "Scent of ink and paper"
    Oh, how I love that smell! There was nothing quite like getting that new book in the school book orders when I was young, and opening it for the first time and smelling the pages!
    The smell of a new book needs to be incorporated somehow into Nooks, iBooks and Kindles!

  2. "promise of new words whispering in my ear"

    So well crafted! I know this feeling. Right now I am avoiding the stack of papers that are demanding my attention. Perhaps my copy of Pinned by Sharon Flake will raise her voice above the din...

    What book? I am itching to know.

  3. Oh, I think I've had that same itchy feeling about your writing! This is just too tempting not to read again and again! I loved it and you've got me wondering what the book is too!! And enjoy!

  4. Me too. Spill the beans. What book is it that is tempting you????

  5. Yep, me, too, Ruth. The only thing I don't put off is reading these slices, but then, off to the book. This is wonderful, with such a voice! All of us readers know just what you are writing! We have our book fair this week-I am excited! Thank you!

  6. I find this weakness to be a positive one. How much enjoyment would we miss if we were able to resist the calling of books.