Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Slice That Isn't

I have started this slice 3 times.

The first idea had an awesome title and a great premise...but no content (no, I cannot tell what it was! What if the rest of it comes to me on another day this month? I need the potential for an idea, even if I don't have a real one, and the title is awesome).

The second one bored even me. And I have low standards.

The next try had promise, and I got 3 short, snappy paragraphs done before rereading, only to realize that sentences that wander around without going anywhere are not snappy at all.

So this is a slice that isn't. It isn't a story or anecdote or list or poem. It's just a collection of unrealized potential, a series of starts that weren't, and endings that never happened.


  1. Nope, you're's a connection! It's putting in words what so many of us feel. You are not the only one in this boat! Take heart and keep writing!
    Thanks for sharing your frustration...we are all feeling it with you in our own time.

  2. I have these days all the time. I have a great idea in my head but the words just don't flow out of my fingers the way I would like. Good luck with tomorrows post. I'm hoping that it's the finished version of the snappy title.

  3. We are all with you. Sounds like you have lots of beginnings getting ready to sprout. Maybe spring is coming....

  4. And yet it is the slice that IS. How do you do it?? I almost gave up on my slice tonight. I finally decided to forget about writing well and just write.

  5. And you keep writing! I love how you never let the post box win.