Monday, March 25, 2013

I think I blew it...

I'm pretty sure I messed up, even though I was just trying to make someone feel special. I just didn't think it all the way through. Take a look--this is a text message conversation I had with Middle while I was at Youngest's swim meet tonight:

Me: Go to this on your computer and read this:
(last night's post was all about Middle)

Middle: K :)

Me: Do NOT click the link on your phone--use ur computer
(sometimes she forgets she does not have a data plan)

Middle: K :)

Middle again: I love it!! P.S. I read some more posts and now know about dads food hiding. Let the search begin :) mwah ha ha!!! :)
(oh nuts...I forgot about the post from the night which I reveal Husband buys extra cookies and hides them so Oldest, Middle, and Youngest don't eat them all!)

Me: Oh no!! That one was a total lie...:) Actually he did leave both bags out this got finished already because u all eat a lot of cookies

Middle: heeheehee...I'll have to keep an open eye in the future...this is very valuable information :)

Me: oh hush...don't ruin the special mother daughter thing
(sending her that link was to make her feel special...and look what happened!)

Middle: ok, love you :) :)

Like I said, I really blew it....


  1. Hahaha! Your husband will just have to be incredibly creative about future hiding places. That's all!

  2. LOL! You did blow it big time! I'm still laughing. Guess the cookies won't be hiding in the kitchen anymore. LOL!

  3. You had me worried that you hurt someone's feelings...but to find out you gave away the cookie hiding scheme...that is true trauma!!

  4. My husband still hides things, he thinks. One's hiding place should be changed just like passwords! He probably won't tell you the new place though.

  5. Oh no!!! It's a tricky balance, that info we share. I feel that way about sharing my blog with others too, sometimes! Hopefully she will "forget" about it, right?

  6. Okay, so I am cracking up. You are phenomenal at leading your reader to think one thing and then get the surprise, creative ending. When I grow up, I want to write like you. :)
    Tell your husband he now has to get 3 bags of cookies. One to display for the family. Another to "hide" so the kids will go looking and maybe even find. The last, is the true one he has to hide for you because you are so worth it! :) That way, the kids will think they have found the hidden stash when in fact you have a sect once again. hehehehe