Saturday, March 2, 2013

So, um...

Oldest and I are sitting across from each other--each on a sofa, laptops balanced on legs stretched far enough to reach the ottoman in the middle. He asks what I'm doing, and I tell him that I'm commenting on slices, and then need to write mine.

"I don't know why you do this challenge thing," he says, "it seems like a lot of work."

"I just enjoy it I guess," I reply, "and by the way, do you have any material for me?" Those who've read my slices during past challenges may remember that I shamelessly use my family to supply me with slice ideas. Don't judge me.

Oldest moves on to surfing a website with funny quotes. He laughs at one about how not to end a class presentation (So, um. Well.....yeah). "That's pretty much how all of mine end!" He reads a few more and looks up. "Still slicing?"


He continues to read random quotes and other bits of information. I tell him thanks--I'm done slicing and I appreciate his help.

So, um. Well.....yeah.


  1. Your house sounds like mine this afternoon. My daughter and I were slicing together this afternoon - a fun time for all!

  2. This CRACKS ME UP!!!! Life with a teen! Thanks for making me smile.

  3. I know where he gets his sense of humor!

  4. So, um. Well...yeah.

    That's kind of a lot of words all at once from Oldest, isn't it? ;)