Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh boy!

I'm excited, and when I tell you why, I just ask that you don't jump to conclusions.

Husband has done something wonderful. Something that is causing me to especially look forward to going up to bed. A lot. So much that I'm anxious to finish slicing.

(Hey now--just what exactly are you thinking?)

It's just that when he told me what he was going to do, I immediately started figuring out how much longer til bedtime. And I'm a girl who will do almost anything to avoid figuring elapsed time.

(Seriously, I cannot believe that you thinking what I think you are thinking.)

Husband knows how to make woman happy at bedtime.
You see, a while ago, he put my flannel jammies and fleecy socks into the washing machine. Then that handsome hunk of a man put them into the dryer. And the buzzer is about to go off. That means I'm about to be handed a hot pile of comfort just in time to slide in between the cool sheets of our bed. Bliss.

Aren't you ashamed of where your mind has been?


  1. You are too funny! Thanks for the laugh tonight!

  2. Ha! We are really predictable - this was fun.

  3. Hahaha! Hooray for flannel jammies and fuzzy socks. Love me some flannel sheets, too! Have a toasty evening! ;0

  4. Ruth, I am cracking up! I just read your post to my sister in law who is here visiting from Iowa. Your hubby is such a sweetie!

  5. You're silly... how will I ever look at him the same way at school tomorrow? :)

  6. Ruth, you are tooooo funny! This was a delight and I am so jealous. However, I do have to say once and a while my husband will take the hot towels or sheets from the dryer and tuck them in around me on the couch. Oooo, love that heat!