Friday, April 1, 2011

We Can Just Keep Going and Going

As I was trying to think of how best to reflect at the end of my first SOLSC, I realized that my first graders had summed up much of what I was feeling. While I learned a lot about myself as a writer and the importance of belonging to a community of writers, bits of doorway conversation best reveal my thoughts.

This morning, as my kids came into the classroom, giving hugs, jostling past each other and filling me in on their lives during the 17 hours since I had last seen them, N. squeezed me tight and said, "Mrs. M.--we did it! We passed the challenge!" Her face was lit up and she bounced up and down with excitement and an obvious sense of pride.

A. overheard and wandered over, shoulders slumped, his brown eyes thoughtful. "But it's kind of sad too, right?" he said, "that it's all over."

J. barely looked up as he moved past A. to get to the coat hooks. "We can still slice though! There are new books (we had slice booklets) and we can just keep going and going."

A. followed J. to his desk, and seeing a new blank book just for slices, hurried away to his own desk. He sat down, tossed a smile my way, and began to dig through his desk for a pencil.


  1. J. has the right idea! It doesn't have to end! Look at the excitement and joy of writing you shared with these first graders! What an awesome feeling to know that they feel like they accomplished something BIG! And they did! So let's just keep going and going!

  2. You always find such apt ways to communicate your point. This is the best 'showing', the dialog of students telling us what it's all about. Looking forward to going on & on!

  3. Your posts make me want to teach 1st grade. However, I think that really what I want is to be a first grader in your classroom. Your personality is infectious in your posts. Because of that, I know that your students want to continue because of the work that you do with them. I enjoy the glimpses you give us of that work. Looking forward to continuing to read your posts!

  4. From the mouths of children -- usually they boil the truth down to the simplest and most profound notions. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ruth, how exciting. I love that you kids were slicing. I didn't realize that. You'll have to share on Monday. How fun.
    This challenge has hooked us. RA has really got us. I've loved getting to know you as a writer, but more importantly as a friend. Your posts encourage me as does your comments. Thanks you my friend. MaryHelen

  6. They've got it!!! What a teacher moment to see this--growth!! A beautiful way to end March and begin April!

  7. Aren't first graders brilliant! It sounds like you have created such a lovely safe writing community in your classroom. I hope I can figure out a way to slice with a group of students next year.