Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MIdnight Memory

       Midnight Memory

The rhythmic squeak of the rocking chair
slices through the silence
of the sleeping house.
Shadows from the streetlights
sketch hazy pictures
on the walls,
and a small warm body
drapes over my shoulder
like a blanket
tucked under my chin.


  1. Oh how I miss a small warm body draped over me, although I don't miss the midnight time. You have it captured.

  2. Grandchildren can help rekindle that feeling, but will not replace the heaven that was ours for a little while. What you see, heard, & felt-so good to read about.

  3. I too loved the way your slice brought back memories of my own girls. I always enjoyed moments when the rest of the house was quiet.

  4. Your poem brings back such wonderful memories. I love the wording of your first two lines: squeak slices through silence.

  5. Wow. After I read it, I went to the top and read it aloud. Then I read it aloud to Andy. I love the sound of this -- the sound of the s's. I'm in awe by you (and a little jealous of the way poetry lives inside of you). Keep writing.

  6. "Shadows from the streetlights
    sketch hazy pictures
    on the walls"

    This evokes such a strong image for me. It is sort of a background detail, but one that really sets the mood effectively. You capture life in words incredibly well.

  7. What a great quiet moment--love the rocking chair noise slices the silence, streetlights (which reminds me of my home before college)which create sketchy pictures, and the small entity that gives you the comfort you need.

  8. Oh, I want to cuddle a warm body in my arms. I smiled at this post. You took me through a quiet moment in my memory. Love the alliteration you create with your specific word choice. Poet, you are alive!

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  10. Ruth,
    Having a lovely time reading several of your posts. Also spent some time at your other blog. I have the same feeling that I get when I am hunkered down with a great book. You have a comfortable, comforting wonderfully poetic way of noticing and putting life into words. "Midnight Memory" brought me back 20plus years to my baby-rocking days.

    I have not written much since the March SOLS challenge...spending some time with you on the sofa tonight may be just what I needed for inspiration. Many thanks.