Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Morning in Different Ways

I like mornings. Mostly. Today I came across something I'd written Oldest, Middle, and Youngest were Big Guy, Little Girl, and Baby, and I started thinking of morning in different ways.

waking, stretching, yawning, washing,
dressing, eating, brushing, cleaning,
rousing, changing, feeding, singing,
driving, walking, opening, planning,
prepping, waiting, smiling, greeting,

I though, if I can think about mornings with verbs, why not nouns? Are they different for weekends and workdays?

Morning                                                Morning
Pillows and blankets                             Pillows and blankets
Alarm and light                                     Slippers and robe
shower and brush                                  Whispers and lamp
clothes and shoes                                   Coffee and cookies
coffee and toast                                      Sofa and book
Morning                                                 Morning

Hmm...maybe morning is a person....with a split personality?

Morning calls softly on voices of birds,
its coffee-scented breeze pulling you to your feet.
It breathes deeply as the first rays of sun
touch your face, welcoming you to 
a new day.


Morning screams suddenly with a shrill voice,
vaulting you abruptly from dreams to reality and bed to floor.
It pours glaring lights into unready eyes
and laughs at weak protests over
a new day.

Maybe I should try irony--after all, I'm composing poems about morning as the sun sets through the windows by the sofa.


  1. AH Morning my favorite time of day. I love the morning of nouns, and the last poem sounds just like my daughter in the mornings when she was a little girl...ok who am I kidding it sounds like her now at age 17! :)

  2. Love the idea of taking a word and creating the poems out of nouns or verbs. I prefer the morning that calls softly, that's the pleasure of semi-retirement.

  3. I am not a poetry person but I love these. They speak perfectly to my life. I love the mix of verb only and noun only descriptions. I may borrow this as a lesson...thank you!

  4. All great ideas, but those final morning ones - split personality - are terrific. We all have mixes of those, don't we? I love the 'screams' 'vaulting', and 'glaring'-so truthful!

  5. I love all the variations. Unfortunately, for me, morning vaults me into the glare of reality. You have such a gift with words.

  6. I'm jealous! Wonderful poems. Mine would have to be early afternoon. I'm not a happy person in the morning. :)