Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweet Vindication!

I feel vindicated, affirmed, freed from shame; supported in submitting to 2 of my favorite vices.  Proven by experts, proclaimed in a public forum, these objects of my desire have been declared sought after, beneficial, and useful.

Sweet science! Recognized experts, in the name of science, have revealed the dark, aromatic, earthy, slightly sweet, heaven-scented, soul-strengthening powers of coffee and dark chocolate real, proven, no longer debated. Not a figment of my far-reaching imagination! Not the wishful thinking of a desperate woman! Not the irrational rationalization of an addict! Science. The day of my vindication has arrived, waiting for me on pages 116 and 122 in the most recent edition of Reader's Digest.

Dr. Sanjiv Chopra says "Coffee is truly a lifesaving miracle drug." No kidding. I am fairly certain a large mug of hot dark java has saved me on occasions too numerous to count. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's section suggests I "kick off [my] day with [dark] chocolate". Like I haven't been doing that for years.

The day of my rebirth is here--no longer needing to feel shame, limit my consumption, or label myself a junkie, I can openly rename myself a model of healthy living. Sweet vindication is mine!


  1. Live a joyful life with this new knowledge! The guilt is gone and we can consume the flavor of choice.

  2. If you are also a Words with Friends addict, you might want to check out Newsweek's article on 31 Ways to Get Smart Fast--it was number one!

    As usual, I love your writing attitude! Glad to see you (err,read you) again. All is truly right with the world.

  3. I'm laughing, laughing so much my husband came in to see what was going on. Oh, Ruth, I love this line "'kick off [my] day with [dark] chocolate'. Like I haven't been doing that for years."

  4. Excuse me while I get up and get a cup right now!!! Little did I know you were so burdened with this. I'm so glad you're free! Thanks to coffee and chocolate you're back!!! Nibble, sip, and write on!!!

  5. Well, yesterday, I had dark chocolate just after my breakfast and coffee. I felt guilty enough to have more later. Today I am rejoicing. I knew it. I knew it all along. And I lost 2 pounds. Maybe it will be found to be a viable replacement for traditional diet fare.

  6. I've been telling my husband (who is not a coffee drinker) this for years. I have heard of the results lately, but you have cemented them into my heart! I only wish my mother were still alive to hear it. In her last years, dark chocolate was always on her wish list! Thank you for putting this all in a true perspective!