Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I could have sliced

I could have sliced about Youngest remembering on the way to the bus stop to tell me about the it'll-be-here-earlier-than-usual-and-hopefully-it's-not-too-late bus reminder.
I could have sliced about the unplanned-I'm-sure-the-kid-didn't-mean-to-touch-it fire drill that happened as kids were entering the building today.
I could have sliced about the 2 separate encounters with special needs kids who let me hop over an alphabet rainbow and shared some out-of-context-but-heartfelt-and-cheerfully-given advice.
I could have sliced about the joy of rediscovering hidden-and-almost-forgotten Halloween candy at just the right moment.
I could have sliced about Husband waiting in the parking lot and me holding dinner for the I-don't-know-where-my-swim-practice-schedule-is Oldest.

But I didn't.

Instead I called for Middle to bring her notebook and pen to the sofa across from me.
I told her a little about what a slice is.
I told her a little about why writers slice.
And then she sliced.
I could have sliced....but Middle did.


  1. So much to slice about, such a wise choice of subject for today. I've missed your views from the couch.

  2. You have this specific and so recognizable voice in all your writing. It's really terrific-should be published somewhere! I hope your middle enjoyed the ride.

  3. What an entertaining slice you wrote {didn't write?} and I bet you inspired an even better slice! I love the hyphenated moments you could've chosen. Your written voice is always so captivating. Thanks for making time to share with us tonight!

  4. I love how this slice turned out. All the things you could have written about, but instead spent the time with your middle child and inspired him/her to write. Lovely

  5. I love how your shared your passion for writing with the middle one! She's lucky!

  6. I love your references--youngest, middle, and oldest. You certainly touched on the little things--I think you've got it! I need to do more of it!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Yoo-hoo...did you notice Linda's comment. Ah-hem?

    When will Middle be blogging? :)

  8. Love, love, love you hyphenated words! You craft your ideas so deliciously. I love hearing your voice! I chuckled relating to the "where's my schedule?" Hopping over a rainbow - I want to hear about this. :)MHG