Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Talk

The things I hear from Oldest, Middle, and Youngest are different in the summer. I like it. A lot.

"Mom, what day is it today? Wait....never mind!"
"This is the way all mornings should be."
"Can we have popsicles?"
"What's for breakfast? Or lunch? What time is it anyway?"
"Have another popsicle."
"We're going on another bike ride. See you later."
"I'm taking my book out to the tree."
"Aw, just jump in with your clothes on."
"Do we need shoes for this?"
"We're just gonna run around outside a while."
"Are there any more water balloons?"
"Hey--it's way past my bedtime. Does that matter?"
"I'm getting a popsicle for J. too. I'll be at her house."
"Can I invite E. to have a picnic?"
"I mowed, so I have enough money...can I bike to get ice cream?"
"I mowed, so I have money...can I call A. or S. or somebody to go to the movies?"
"I'm gonna take my lunch to the porch and read while I eat."
"Are we out of popsicles?"

They come and they go, and between lessons and back and forth with friends and cousins, I'm having trouble remembering the day and keeping track of the time too.

But I do know we need more popsicles.


  1. It's like a poem, and the rhythm is not always there, just like summer days! I loved reading it so much I read it again. My kids are grown now, & it really took me to another place in my life. Thanks!

  2. Those are the sounds of summer, enjoy!

  3. This is fantastic. I think I was actually present for a few of those quotes.

    p.s. I'll bring the popsicles! :)

  4. There are never too many popsicles. I like how your thoughts are like covers for the quotes.

  5. I always loved it when my kids were home, too. No schedules, no lunches to prepare, choosing to go wherever on a whim! Still love the summers in retirement! You love your dialogue!!!! So much like the pace of summer.......whimsical.

  6. I was just reflecting on the joys of popsicles today. I was relishing the coolness after a ho and humi field trip to the zoo. All the quotes you used work so well together.

  7. You reminded me that the small things - Popsicles and good books - are more than enough for a wonderful vacation. Now I want to record a day of conversation in my house!