Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rising Up

She stood in front of a sea of faces,
keeping on as things crumbled around her.
Finding her way bravely,
not willing to give in to the desire to run.
We watched and waited,
silently urging her on.
She rose up and met the challenges,
finding her way to the end.
As the sea of faces melted away,
she sank to her knees.
And we rose up
to wrap arms around her and whisper in her ear.
Together we stood again,
ready to rise again, stronger.


  1. What a great piece for inferring. This could generate some great discussion with students.

  2. I love what isn't said in this slice.


  3. I'm with Katie and Elsie - part of what makes this piece so interesting is what you need to figure out, and the lens you choose to do so. Great slice!

  4. beautiful! I hear the mother in you. MHG:)

  5. I love the line "sea of faces" and the rhythm and pacing is almost like waves,lapping at your figure, even surging at one point until she is engulfed in your hugs.

  6. I reread your slice at least 4 or 5 times. I began to think of all the times I watched my daughter performing on stage. Sometimes things went well and sometimes they didn't. It would be a great piece to use with synthesizing also.