Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my first slice

I finally have the perfect spot on the sofa. I can see out the window. I can put my feet on the ottoman. There is a spot for my coffee and just-right light for reading or writing or thinking. It's usually quiet in this room, especially in the early mornings when the rest of the family is still asleep. Mmmmm....
And tonight, I'm sitting in my favorite spot, writing my first slice. It feels comfortable; somehow right. My family pops in from time to time--my daughter leans against me. "Whatcha doing?"--and wanders out again. My youngest comes in, already in pjs and near ready for bed. I can hear my oldest and his father chuckling over something on tv in the other room.
Perfect spot on the sofa, quiet evening with everyone at home. Ahhh...


  1. Welcome Ruth the slicing!

  2. What a great birthday present to yourself...a new blog just for collecting those ordinary moments that will someday be so precious. Glad to get a peek into your writing life -- It's almost exactly how I pictured it! :)
    Happy slicing,

  3. I love the way you captured the atmospherics. Welcome to "slicing"!

  4. I love the rhythm of your slicing voice! You communicate your comfort through the words you used as well as the flow you create with those words. Just reading made me feel cozier on my sofa! Looking forward to future sofa slices!

  5. I wrote my first slice at school yesterday, during lunch, while sitting at my desk. Though not the most comfortable place, it got me writing nevertheless. I am finding that stealing moments during the day to write is starting to work for me. Like now! I really should get out of the house to go to school. Maybe retirement isn't such a bad idea...