Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another First Day

The kids start school tomorrow.
         Can you find your other shoe?
I've been back for two days.
        What do you mean, "what other shoe?!"
I'm already worn out, but somehow still energized.
        Eeew! what is in this backpack?
Summer seemed shorter this year.
        Hey--use soap. You need to smell clean for tomorrow.
I think we're all looking forward to a consistent routine.
        Did you set your alarm? Really?
I know the kids are glad to go back....mostly.
        I know you think you know where your key is...where is it really?
Tomorrow morning we'll all be excited; tomorrow evening, exhausted.
        Why are you still up? Go to bed! Yes, I know it's still light outside.
Tomorrow is another first day.
        Yeah, I know. I'm excited too.


  1. I don't miss the getting ready, but having a new beginning every year certainly gives one hope!!! I did get up as soon as I heard the bus this morning because the neighbors across the street said they were going to dance in the streets!! I didn't see them because she said they were dancing in the garage!!!!--they're grandparents raising their grandchildren!!!

  2. I love the sound of two voices coming from one person. I hope you've located that other shoe. Excitement fills the air with anticipation of the new year. Have a great day!

  3. Love the dueling perspectives here. You captured every mom's inner voice expertly. :)

    I feel the same way --- tired, yet energized. Now, on with the show!!

  4. I love those two voices too. I think I have many of them in my head right now, asking questions like "How much of this should I haul in now?" and "Did I really get all those assignments copied?" etcetera

    Happy first day!

  5. Love this! The battles that occur during exciting and stressful moments. This will be the first year that my son will be joining me at school. This very well could be my dialogue. Have a wonderful 1st week.

  6. I hope that you had a great first day.
    I can relate to this poem's inner thoughts and spoken words. The alarm and key lines especially made me chuckle. More than once I have had to wake my middle daughter up. More than once I have found her sitting on the doorstep waiting for someone with the keys.

  7. I think this was the first year I didn't have an incredibly upset stomach from being nervous!

  8. I have no children to get ready for school, and I'm not headed back this year, but the voices were very familiar. The beginning of school is so exciting for teacher and student. Have a great year!

  9. You so perfectly captured what goes on when teacher-moms get themselves and their own kids back to school. I'll be up late doing laundry for my daughter and getting her packed up for college. :)